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"Man's Best Friend"

In a world in which pets are the key elements of any honor-based battle; where conflicts are solved through eternal pet-trhowing battles.

Battle your bros through an online, action-packed, not-at-all-glitchy multiplayer game, with random pets, generated clothes and beards.


  • Left/Right arrows to movement.
  • 'X' to jump normally or from walls(when forced - e.g. by movement - to one).
  • 'C' to throw and pick up pets.

When thrown, pets will kill a player(human) on hit. The player will then respawn at one of a few spawn points

> What was to be implemented, among some other things, was the petting of the pet, protection and feeding of cakes to the pet - those cakes being the cause of all violence in the game.


Most members of the team didn't sleep once during the jam and survived only using coffee and dry bread.

This was the first - almost ever - time using online systems and basically the very first time using TCP.

All elements of the game were coded completely from scratch in Lua using Love2D.

Install instructions

To run local-host server, run server.py.

Run the .love file using Love2D. (might require a minor visit to www.love2d.org)

Run the .exe file using Windows x64.

Github: https://github.com/teasquat/bestfriend


server.py 2 kB
mansbestfriend.love 85 kB

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